Location: 11057 8th Ave NE
Size: 90, approximately residential units + commercial
Completion: Summer 2022

barrientos RYAN is working with Gaard Development to support the Northaven Senior Living vision of developing affordable housing across a multi-generational campus. Residents will be able to commingle in common spaces, including an improved green space, and the first story will include an Early Learning facility and play area, with rates set for accessibility across several levels of affordability. On-site parking will be available, but the property is within walking distance to several transit options, including the new Northgate Link Light Rail station to be opened in 2021.

The owner will be partnering with the YMCA as an early-childhood education provider for the commercial space with 7 classrooms in the project. The residential units will serve income-verified individuals and families.

The parcel is ¾ of a mile from the Northgate Sound Transit light rail extension, which once open in 2021 will offer residents a 7-minute commute to the University of Washington and a 15-minute commute to Westlake in downtown Seattle. The short, car-free commute will make this an attractive and more affordable neighborhood for employees of the booming tech and healthcare industries of Westlake and South Lake Union.

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