Location: S Othello & MLK Jr. Way S, Seattle
Size: commercial
Completion: Estimated Fall 2022

Othello Square, the Southeast Economic Opportunity Center (SEOC) campus, located at the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Way S and S Othello Street, is a uniquely integrated, culturally competent and welcoming gateway center. The campus is designed to represent the diverse and international nature of Southeast Seattle, providing a place that serves the whole community with homes, educational and business development opportunities, family-wage jobs, health care, social services support, and a variety of small enterprises at which to shop, eat and play. Located adjacent to the Othello Light Rail Station, it provides convenient access to key resources throughout Seattle, connecting to the airport, downtown and the University of Washington.

The SEOC’s integration model will create efficiencies between education, business development and community health resources, ensuring that all residents and neighbors have what they need to achieve health, knowledge and economic stability.

The SEOC Campus has four main components:

Building A: The Opportunity Center @ Othello Square, including 40,000 sq. ft. of community serving commercial space to increase access to economic opportunity, STEM education, small business incubation, cultural celebration and preservation, and financial services plus 213 units of step-up apartments – serving families making between 60% – 120% area median income.
Building B: 680-student Public Charter High School
Building C: Community Health Clinic, 7-classroom multilingual Early Childhood Education Center, plus 160 units of mixed-income housing
Building D: Homeownership units affordable to households at 80% AMI and below

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